Mimmo’s Mods

Feel free to browse through the readily available modifications below. All mods are sorted alphabetically by manufacturer name, then model. If you do not see your pedal below, please use the contact form to inquire about alternate effects modifications!

BOSS CH-1 Super Chorus Vibrato Mod (Analog Version) – $35

Mimmotronics has developed a circuit installation for switching on & off the dry signal in the BOSS CH-1, allowing you to toggle between Chorus mode and Vibrato mode! Mimmo also employs a mod popularized by Brian Wampler to increase the range of the Rate parameter from the stock amount.

BOSS TR-2 Tremolo Dual Rate Settings Mod – $35

Mimmotronics offers the option to add another rate preset to your BOSS TR-2. Switch quickly between slow and fast tremolo rates for quick changes within your compositions, or use it as an additional preset for less shoegaze time between songs.

Vintage EHX Power Adapter Mod – $30

Mimmotronics will swap out the stock (+)-tip power adapter for a standard (-)-tip BOSS-style barrel connector, allowing you to simply daisy-chain vintage EHX pedals with other (-)-tip 9V pedals. If needed, an LED can also be installed showing whether the pedal is engaged or not.










Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport Sr. Treble Switch Mod – $30

EQD’s Disaster Transport Sr. is one of the best analog delay pedals on the modern effects market. Featuring two analog-sounding delay lines, a built-in reverb module, and modulation, the Disaster Transport Sr. rivals its’ predecessor, the Disaster Transport Jr.. However, there’s one thing the Jr. has that it’s Sr. lacks: a tone control.

With this mod Mimmotronics introduces a 3-way toggle switch to let three levels of tone be applied to the wet signal of delay line A. The top position selects the stock effect. The middle position uncovers some upper mids. The bottom position brings out the high-mids and slightly enters the highs territory.