All relevant resources which I’ve found helpful in the topics surrounding my Talk Theory to Me posts will be posted here. This page is always under some construction because it’s an ever-growing list. Stay tuned for updates!

Any code written and featured on Mimmotronics will be available on my GitHub account.

Circuit Analysis Resources:


  1. Simple RC Filter Cut-Off Frequency Calculator (Jack Orman, amzfx)
  2. RC Network Circuits Overview (Electronics Tutorials)

Op-Amp Circuits & Applications

  1. Comparator with Hysteresis Reference Design (Art Kay & Timothy Claycomb, Texas Instruments)
  2. Op Amp Basics (Various Writers, Analog Devices)
  3. Single-Supply Op Amp Design Techniques (Ron Mancini, Texas Instruments)

Parts References:

Download PDF here: IC Chip Pin-outs